Hitting Clinic

Summer 2021

Saturday evenings from 6-8pm starting July 24 through August 14 (4 weeks)

Emphasis is on mechanics, body movements and the relationship between upper and lower body. Breakdown of swing components supported with various designed to isolate and focus on swing components to help all levels of player improve their hitting.

Hitting clinics will focus on:

All levels can come the whole two hours. Some things may be a little more difficult for younger players but are important to learn at a younger age anyway. Players will be welcome to observe others if they are having trouble With any drills and/or need to rest.

We will try to get a round of BP in at the end of at least two of the sessions, probably first and last so everyone can note the improvement they make in 4 weeks.

The cost is $48 per player for the 4 week session. The clinic will take place at Memorial Field from 6:00-8:00pm on Saturdays starting July 24. If you have any questions, please contact mvaasoftball@gmail.com.

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  Hitting Clinic - Summer 2021