Congratulations to Our Spring 2023 Champs!

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MVAA SoftballMiddletown Valley Athletic Association

It is our goal to provide an environment where your daughter is given the opportunity to participate in a competitive and recreational game of softball. The vision of the MVAA is to mold and shape your daughter to understand and display leadership, discipline, integrity, hard work, and personal courage. All of these attributes are necessary commitments to play at her highest caliber.

Playing softball or any sport at a very young age enables your daughter to participate in social interactions and build skills such as teamwork, leadership, and responsibilities as she learns to work with others to achieve a common goal. This type of setting allows your daughter to develop and practice different mental and moral qualities she will acquire from her surroundings on and off the field.

Being part a of a team with similar goals will increase your daughter's value of herself. What she contributes to the team – whether it be in leadership position or in fulfilling an important role – will ultimately contribute to the boost in her self-esteem and her confidence.

Teamwork is a skill your daughter will use for years to come, so it is important for her to learn the basics early. Softball or any sport provides your daughter important lessons in team dynamics. Everyone must work together to achieve their goals, and allow the team to sort through each others strengths and weaknesses to decide what strategy works best for the team.

Playing softball or any sport requires your daughter to be disciplined in tactical, mental and physical aspects. In order to succeed in sports she must have self-restraint, and behave in a controlled and precise manner. Good discipline translates to life situations in order to achieve goals and reach her fullest potential.

Knight Pride

A Lady Knight with a clean uniform is a Lady who has never had her skills truly tested.